The types of psychological testing provided by Dr. Angela Nelson at West End Consultation Group includes:

  • ADHD[1]  evaluations
  • Neuropsychological screenings including IQ and memory testing
  • Learning disorder evaluations
  • Mental health and personality disorder evaluations clarifying
    Axis I and Axis II diagnoses
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations for children and adults
  • Developmental delay evaluations
  • Bariatric evaluations or pre-surgery required evaluations


ADHD testing, assessment and treatment

Dr. Nelson provides testing and assessment for ADHD. If testing reveals a patient does have a diagnosis of ADHD Dr. Nelson will advise the patient to the best treatment strategies.  Psychiatric medication may be recommended.  She may also recommend therapy.

Psychotherapy is often effective for the treatment of the symptoms related to ADHD as it addresses behavior modification. People with ADHD can have a difficult time regulating their emotional and behavioral response to situations. Learning effective coping strategies is one way to gain control over symptoms. Dr. Nelson can also help with the development of a plan for organization and prioritization, which are key areas of difficulty for those with ADHD. Goal setting, reward and consequence, and emotional regulation are other areas that are addressed during psychotherapy for ADHD.

1 Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and ADHD describe the same condition, although for a brief time they were classified separately. The term ADD is no longer in general use by medical professional