Marie Olseth, MD Statement for running for another term on the MPS Council

Having served on the Minnesota Psychiatric Society Council this past year, I have had the honor of advocating for psychiatrists and psychiatric patients. 

I take the role seriously and I am not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo.  My role as an MPS Council member is enhanced by other healthcare advocacy that I am actively involved in. I regularly attend meetings of another physician lobbying group which involves regular meetings with State Representatives and State Senators.


For example, I am writing this statement after just meeting with State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen and State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen to discuss a Senate bill promoting transparency in healthcare pricing.  We also reviewed possible legislation to make illegal the use of Clawbacks and Gag Clauses by Pharmacy Benefit Management Groups. These practices prevent consumers from knowing the true cost of generic alternatives when visiting their pharmacy which is why I support a bill being authored to make these practices illegal.


In November, I volunteered to represent Minnesota at an APA Assembly meeting in Washington DC.  I regularly attend the MPS policy committee meetings to provide input on needed policy work for the Minnesota Mental Health Community.  My various areas of involvement all enhance my work as a Council Member of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society.  I would be honored to serve another term as an MPS Council person.