Psychiatrists dedicated to providing treatment to adults for a full range of mental health needs.

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We provide care in an empathetic, non-judgmental and warm manner, emphasizes a comprehensive assessment for an accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of various psychiatric illnesses, including mood and anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adult ADHD or ADD), , insomnia, amongst other psychiatric illnesses.

Adult ADHD Clinic

Our ADHD Clinic is dedicated to providing the most effective, evidence-based approaches to adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Our ADHD doctors take the time to accurately assess an individual with attention and focus problems to correctly identify and diagnose adult ADHD and other causes of attention problems. We provide thorough assessments, and personalized care for this often misunderstood disorder, as well as related comorbid conditions.

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The Personal Side of Our Practice

Sleep-A Key to Mental Wellness

Sleep Management

When did it become a bragging right to say that you only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night? We would think it is ridiculous for someone to brag that their labs came back with only half the normal hemoglobin level as we would recognize that as clearly unhealthy. So when did we start equating sleep-deprivation with some Read more...

Double quote They have a great team at West End. I have seen 2 of their psychiatrists based on when I can get away from work for an appointment. Both really listened and cared. They made changes to my meds after really listening and I finally feel the meds are right. I didn't get that from my previous psychiatrist. Double quote

Jules Lynn - Patient

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