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Our Personalized Psychiatric Treatment Plans Create Pathways to Wellness

We live in a society that rewards working long hours and having overbooked schedules. Everyone talks about work/life balance, but the expectations we put on ourselves at home and in the office leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. 
Even people who don’t have a history of depression or anxiety may suddenly find themselves feeling hopeless or like their world is spinning out of control. You may experience dizziness and a tight chest before giving a presentation. Or perhaps you find yourself unable to focus on simple tasks. Feelings of extreme irritability, sadness, or panic may come out of nowhere and affect your relationships at home and work.
The stigma surrounding mental health leads many adults to mask these symptoms and continue with their daily lives. We try to hold everything together, but eventually, even the strongest of people can break. Seeking help for mental health disorders is nothing to be ashamed of and is a necessary step in the path to emotional wellness.

Psychiatric Services for Adult Mental Health Conditions

The psychiatric specialists at West End Consultation Group take a compassionate and comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. We work with you to assess and diagnose your condition, then take steps to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. West End Consultation group offers the following services: 

Dr. Marie Olseth, our clinic owner, is a Board Certified psychiatrist specializing in helping business executives conquer emotional barriers that impact their daily lives and professional growth. Our team also consists of Board Certified psychiatrists and Board Certified nurse practitioners experienced with helping adults of all professions and life stages achieve emotional wellness.

About Our Practice

Our providers take care to recommend psychiatric medications and dosages that are most effective at specifically targeting the patient's symptoms, without over-medicating patients. Whether we are starting new medications or streamlining a patient's current medications, our goal is to provide successful management of psychiatric symptoms with minimal side effects.

We believe that providing psychiatric care is about treating the whole patient. We consider other medical conditions that may play a role in a person's mental health, and we encourage behavioral and cognitive skills to improve overall mental health. Click here to learn more about what an initial consulation is like at our practice.

We Are Here To Help

West End Consultation Group’s team of Board Certified psychiatric professionals provide treatment and support for a variety of adult mental health conditions.

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