We are aware of the national medication shortages and are doing our best to navigate this issue while respecting medication regulations. For patients experiencing difficulties filling your prescriptions please message your provider through the patient portal with the alternate pharmacy information and we will process requests within 48-72 hours.

We are sorry for the inconvience, but all online payments are currently down. Please call 952-856-8452 to make a payment over the phone.

Billing Code Information

At West End Consultation Group, we strive to provide you with an above-average psychiatric health experience. Our prescribers do not conduct the 15-minute medication checks that are so common in large corporate practices. We believe that a partnership between providers and patients is vital to your care. Because of this, we weave supportive psychotherapy and therapeutic interventions into our visits to provide you the best possible care.

Because of this, you may see more than one code listed on your invoice:


● 99213, 99214, 99215 – These are E&M codes for the medication management portion of the visit.

● 90833, 90836 – This is a Psychotherapy Add-on code, and is used to reflect the supportive psychotherapy* work we are doing with you, on top of medication management.


Because we strongly believe in the importance of supportive psychotherapy to your mental health, we do not offer an option of medication management only; if supportive psychotherapy is indicated, it will be provided.


*Supportive psychotherapy is the attempt by a clinician to reduce psychological conflict and strengthen a patient's defenses through the use of various techniques, as reassurance, suggestion, counseling, and reeducation. Other therapeutic interventions commonly used are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, coping mechanisms, and patient education.

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