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The psychiatric specialists at West End Consultation Group have experience working with adult mental health conditions including ADHD, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression. We believe in a compassionate and comprehensive approach to mental health that includes medication management, psychotherapy and other methods to manage the symptoms of various mental health conditions.

Our goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis of your mental health condition and create a treatment plan that addresses every aspect of your emotional and physical well-being. A typical first consultation includes a full assessment of your physical and mental health, including a medication analysis. From there, we work with you to create a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

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Marie Olseth, MD – Owner

Dr. Olseth is a Board-Certified psychiatrist.  Besides treating patients, she is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of Medibio and is a Council Member of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society. She approaches mental health concerns in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner and believes in the importance of a comprehensive assessment to properly diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

Her care approach includes medication management, therapy, or a combination of both to create a treatment plan based on each patient’s needs. Dr. Olseth also takes great care to find medications and dosages that effectively manage symptoms without over-medicating her patients. She also makes it a priority to regularly follow ongoing psychiatric research and development to provide patients with the best and most effective care plan possible.

Robin Bixler, DO

Dr. Bixler is Board Certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and completed her psychiatric residency at The Medical College of Wisconsin. She has experience treating a variety of mental health concerns with a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Bixler recognizes that everyone is unique and works with her patients to find an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment tailored to their needs including medication management, psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Angela Melland, DNP, PMHNP

Angela is a board-certified mental health nurse practitioner. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the University of Minnesota and has a bachelor of science degree in nursing with a minor in psychology from St. Catherine University. Her education provided her with a systems perspective of health care and has taught her how to become a change agent to improve mental health care. 

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We work with our patients to create a treatment plan based on their exact needs, whether that includes psychotherapy, medication management, lifestyle changes, or a combination of approaches. Schedule an appointment with our providers to learn more and to discuss what you are looking for in a mental health treatment plan. 
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