National Medication Shortage

National Medication Shortage

Possible Steps To Take During The Critical Shortage of Stimulant Medications

For patients prescribed Adderall and other stimulant medications, it is no secret that the nationwide shortage of these medications has caused a strain on individuals who struggle to maintain focus without proper medication or have other debilitating symptoms. Five months into the shortage and government agencies, health organizations, industry experts and pharmacies agree that the current shortage shows no signs of slowing down.

Unprecedented Medication Shortages: The Root of The Issue

Most ADHD medications are categorized as controlled substances called central nervous system stimulants. Due to the frequent abuse of these medications, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulate the amount of pills a pharmacy can dispense. Because the DEA utilizes historical data to influence the amount of these medications that can be manufactured by regulating the quantity of restricted ingredients allocated to manufacturers, the spike in mental health diagnoses stemming from the Covid pandemic was met with an inadequate manufacturing supply. While the DEA can increase quotas for medication manufacturing if there is a legitimate demand, not all requests are accepted, and the looming threat of drug abuse can always contribute to increased regulations.

We are also facing industry-wide staffing shortages, leading to difficulties in how the shortage is handled once the medications are manufactured. Pharmacies are majorly understaffed, which limits our abilities to address the concerns and coordinate the medication refills. We are also experiencing widespread staffing issues with providers and clinical staff leaving the ones currently practicing unequipped to handle the influx of requests.

How West End Consultation Group is Working Through the Shortage

If Your Pharmacy is Out Of Stock

Reach out to nearby pharmacies to ask them if they have the Rx available. If it is available, contact your provider via the patient portal with the alternative pharmacy information.

If You are Unable to Find a Pharmacy With the Medication in Stock

Reach out to your provider via the patient portal and ask if there would be any possible alternatives that could be provided. This may not be possible without an appointment, but we will do our best to provide alternatives to your prescription.

Avoid Confusion at the Pharmacy

If possible, paper prescriptions can be provided to alleviate the stress of transferring prescriptions and waiting for a response.

Additional Medication Management Considerations

West End Consultation Group is dedicated to finding a solution to meet your needs. While the DEA hasn’t increased manufacturing quotas on Schedule II drugs, there are a number of routes you can take while waiting for a prescription refill.

  • Request an Appointment With Us: There may be an alternative medication available for you to try, but this will require an appointment to discuss the options available.
  • Be Persistent: Pharmacists can be reluctant to give out information on medication supply because these substances are prone to abuse. Pharmacists are also at the mercy of manufacturers, so you may be required to call every day in case a shipment comes.
  • Optimize Your Pill Schedule: With the guidance of your prescribing physician, it’s possible to schedule doses on days that require a higher level of concentration. You should also always be aware of your supply and reach out to your pharmacies before you are out of medications in order to allow time to facilitate any changes that need to be made.

West End Consultation is Here to Help

We understand and emphasize the need for individuals to have access to their medication and mental health treatment resources. For patients experiencing difficulties filling prescriptions, please message your provider through the patient portal with the alternate pharmacy information and we will process requests within 48-72 hours.