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West End's Patient Guide to the
Initial Psychiatric Consultation

Understanding, assessing, and treating mental health concerns should begin with a conversation. It can be very difficult to articulate your own personal struggles and concerns without a professional to help guide you in this process. Many mental health concerns can look similar at times and it can take considerable reflection and skill to parse out complicated symptoms, especially if you have been struggling for quite some time.

Through dialogue, we can begin to understand the biological, social, environmental, and psychological factors that may be driving your concerns. This will lead to more accurate diagnoses and better treatment choices.

The initial consultation strives to get this process started by partnering with you to better understand your current concerns and how they may have been impacting you throughout your life. We will likely make a tentative diagnosis that will guide our treatment plan and future conversations.

Our goals are simple – to help our patients better understand themselves and alleviate symptoms through an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan.

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What does an inital psychiatric consultation consist of?

A thorough consultation is needed to understand emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. This process takes physical, genetic, environmental, social, cognitive (thinking), emotional, and educational factors into consideration. The sole purpose of the consultation is for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health concerns. The appointment concludes with a customized treatment plan and recommendations.

What you can expect in your initial psychiatric appointment with West End Consultation Group...

Your first appointment with a psychiatric provider will likely last around an hour, where the provider will:

  • listen carefully about your concerns and symptoms
  • ask questions about your medications and general health
  • ask about your family, lifestyle, and social history
  • form a preliminary diagnosis
  • make recommendations for treatment and maintenance of condition

There will usually be a lot of questions. This extended appointment gives us time to listen to you and hear your whole story.

Will I be formally diagnosed?

Once we have finished discussing your symptoms, concerns, and history, we will begin to tailor a treatment plan to your needs. Often, we will make an initial diagnosis, but a full diagnosis may take multiple appointments to form. We might also need to order lab tests and speak with other health professionals or members of your family for additional information. Treatment plans may include various forms of psychotherapy (talk therapy), medications, and additional psychological testing if necessary. An initial consulation is an important start to your personalized pathway to wellness with West End Consultation Group, book your first appointment to get started.  


*Disclaimer: Psychiatric evaluation requests for legal purposes (ex. court cases) are outside of the services that we provide. If you are looking for this type of evaluation, please seek other resources as all WECG consultations are held with the purpose of establishing care. *


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