The Personal Side of Our Practice

Our work is about people, plain and simple.  We help people through life's struggles and help them find joy.  We help people make stronger relationships and we help people excel in their lives and careers.  Our providers and staff enjoy this work and the patients bring us joy.  We are also all lifelong learners as we keep up with the psychiatric research and other mental health news. 

Our biggest source of learning is our patients.  Each patient gives us new insight in how to treat all of our patients better.  We are grateful to our patients for the opportunity to treat them and to learn from them.  Our patients give us an understanding of psychiatric illnesses in a way that a textbook never could.  Because their experiences are such powerful tools in understanding the conditions, we have asked some of our patients if we could describe some of their experiences without mentioning any names or other identifying material.  We often hear a resounding “Yes” as they want others to understand their conditions as it is experienced in real life.


Pre-Trip Anxiety

The Washington Post included a quote from Dr. Olseth in their August 31, 2018 article on Pre-trip Anxiety