ADHD Group Couples Therapy

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When one of the partners has ADHD it can take a tremendous toll on the relationship.  The damage of ADHD on the relationship is cumulative and impacts both the practical aspects of the relationship as well as the emotional components of the relationship.  We work with our couples to identify these damaged areas of the relationship and guide the couple in correcting the damage.

We welcome couples who already have a partner being treated at West End Consultation Group as well as couples who are new to our clinic.  The group therapy helps couples with identifying and understanding the ADHD issues, and addressing these issues. Some of the key issues affecting the ADHD couple, including, but not limited to:

  • Repair of the ADHD relationship through developing understanding and empathy for both partners. 
  • Identifying dysfunctional interactions that erode the ADHD marriage
  • Re-aligning responsibilities and accountability of the partners.  Getting beyond "chore wars" and establishing realistic expectations
  • Addressing ADHD patterns that have limited a couple's quality time together, such as
    • unique sleep patterns of an ADHD individual
    • limited ability of the ADHD partner to maintain work/life balance due to inefficiency at work
  • Intimacy-help individual rediscover romance and joy that has been eroded due to negative emotions impacting closeness


Our ADHD Group Couples Therapy starts Monday, October 23.  Groups take place on Mondays, starting at 6pm and lasting 90 minutes.  

An initial appointment with one of our ADHD specialists is required prior to joining the group, in order to assess whether the group will be a good fit for you.

If you are interested in signing up for the group, you can contact our front desk to be scheduled for a group intake appointment.  Contact us by

calling at 952-856-8452

or emailing our schedulers at:

Or by going to our Contact Us page:




The insurances accepted at West End Consultation Group may cover group therapy.  Our staff will be able to advise you on the coverage.

Some ADHD couples prefer to work on their relationship in couples therapy sessions rather than in the group setting format.  We also provide couples counseling in private appointments as well.