Marie Olseth, MD - Owner

Dr. Olseth is a Board-Certified psychiatrist who provides care in an empathetic, non-judgmental and warm manner. She offers individualized and effective treatment through compassionate, personal interaction, combined with clinical expertise. Dr Olseth provides all care in a strictly confidential environment.

She emphasizes a comprehensive assessment for an accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of various psychiatric illnesses, including Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Adult ADHD or ADD), mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, attention disorders, insomnia, amongst other psychiatric illnesses. In addition to using her own expertise, Dr. Olseth regularly collaborates with an individual’s other physicians and therapists to provide for the best possible treatment outcomes through coordinating care.

At the time of the initial assessment, Dr. Olseth screens for medical conditions that may contribute to psychiatric symptoms. When needed, additional tests may be ordered. All recommendations are individualized to each person’s unique needs and defined in a treatment plan. Dr. Olseth discusses the treatment plan in detail with her patients. These recommendations may include medications, therapy or a combination of the two.

Medications are often necessary to treat psychiatric illnesses. Dr. Olseth takes care to recommend psychiatric medications and dosages that are most effective at specifically targeting the patient’s symptoms, without over-medicating her patients. Some patients are referred to Dr. Olseth to have her review psychiatric medications they already take. She has often recommended tapering psychiatric medications of patients referred to her. Her recommendations for psychiatric medications for patients, whether starting new medications or streamlining medications patients are currently on, provide successful management of psychiatric symptoms with minimal side effects.

Dr. Olseth has developed a niche in treating business executives and other professionals who are experiencing emotional barriers in advancing their professional careers.  She has successfully treated anxiety and anger issues, and other issues in executives.  She has helped many professionals with become effective public speakers by helping them overcome public speaking anxiety so they can present themselves effectively.

Dr. Olseth also makes it a priority to follow ongoing research and developments in the field of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.  She is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Medibio. 

"Medibio has produced a technology that provides objective data to diagnose depression and other psychiatric conditions.  The technology uses a combination of an adhesive heart rate patch and an app that is on either an AppleWatch or Fitbit. It is really exciting technology as it finally gives psychiatrists some objective data to use in our profession." Marie Olseth, MD



Doctor of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School

Post-Doctoral Training
General Psychiatry Residency, University of Minnesota and University Of Wisconsin, Madison

Licenses and Credentials
Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry
Minnesota Medical License
Wisconsin Medical License

Professional Associations
American Psychiatric Association
Minnesota Psychiatric Society
American Medical Association

Minnesota Medical Association


Kelsey Walczak, PA-C

Kelsey is a board certified physician assistant who specializes in psychiatry. She utilizes a team based approach to offer the highest quality of care and she has a special interest in treating anxiety disorders, ADHD, and mood disorders.

Kelsey enjoys developing relationships with clients and taking the time to learn more about each person's unique life situation and struggles. Kelsey works closely with Dr. Olseth as they collaborate on patient care.  Kelsey values the opportunity to work together to determine what treatment course is best, whether that involves psychotherapy, medications, or both. When medications are needed Kelsey always strives to use the lowest effective dose of medications to successfully manage psychiatric symptoms while minimizing side effects.


Education: Bethel University, M.S. Physician Assistant Studies           University of Minnesota, B.S.
What is a PA?
A physician assistant (PA) is nationally certified and state licensed professional who practices medicine in collaboration with a physician. PA’s undergo graduate level education and work in every medical specialty. They practice and prescribe medication in all 50 states and in the uniformed services.  


Mia Wintheiser, MD

Dr. Wintheiser partners with clients to include them in treatment planning and believes in open, honest communication about one’s conditions and options for treatment. This often includes psychotherapy and lifestyle changes in addition to pharmacological treatment. Dr. Wintheiser recommends and advises changes to one’s pharmacological regimen as needed.  She strives to use the lowest effective doses to adequately treat symptoms while minimizing side effects of medications. Whether starting a new medication, changing or adding medications, or tapering medications no longer needed, Dr. Wintheiser helps clients understand risks and benefits, so clients make health care decisions with confidence.  Thoughtful medication management, often in combination with psychotherapy and/or lifestyle changes, has the best chance for success

Doctor of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School
Post-Doctoral Training-Hennepin County Medical Center / Regions Psychiatry Residency Program

Licenses and Credentials
Board Certified in the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry
Minnesota Medical License