Mia Wintheiser, MD

Dr. Wintheiser partners with clients to include them in treatment planning and believes in open, honest communication about one’s conditions and options for treatment. This often includes psychotherapy and lifestyle changes in addition to pharmacological treatment. Dr. Wintheiser recommends and advises changes to one’s pharmacological regimen as needed.  She strives to use the lowest effective doses to adequately treat symptoms while minimizing side effects of medications. Whether starting a new medication, changing or adding medications, or tapering medications no longer needed, Dr. Wintheiser helps clients understand risks and benefits, so clients make health care decisions with confidence.  Thoughtful medication management, often in combination with psychotherapy and/or lifestyle changes, has the best chance for success


Doctor of Medicine - University of Minnesota Medical School
Post-Doctoral Training - Hennepin County Medical Center / Regions Psychiatry Residency Program

Licenses and Credentials

Board Certified in the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry
Minnesota Medical License

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